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Michelle J | LMT Level 2

Available Saturday, Sunday

Hi! I’m Michelle and I completely fell into massage therapy by accident.  Literally, a car accident.   I needed to receive 2 massages a week to help with my whiplash injury.  After finding the right therapist, I fell in love with the idea of assisting others not just feel better physically but mentally as well.


The mind body connection is a must.  Our bodies are not meant to be sedentary nor are we meant to be stressed (like all of us are).  In massage, the mind and body need to slowly relax to become one connection.  Although I love all sorts of modalities, I believe the tissue needs to be relaxed in order for the massage therapist to begin the process of healing.  I do not believe in “pain is gain”.  If the body is tense, the muscles are angry, the mind is upset and it creates a “stressful” experience.  If you are listening, the body will tell the healer where it needs help and what modality to use.


In my spare time you can find me relaxing on the couch enjoying The Walking Dead or any other B Rated movie that is on Scifi.  I am a horror movie junkie!!!!  I also enjoy throwing in headphones and jamming out to Disturbed or Nikki Minaj Pandora stations while walking or doing yoga!!!  I believe everyone should take at least an hour to themselves every single day to be the best they can be.  I am the proud mother of the most amazing little person I have ever met, two wonderful dogs and am the wife of a geek!!  I love pizza and cupcakes and would never live without them! 

My motto is: No regrets, just do it and be who you are!!!

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