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Father’s Day~ A Gift of Relaxation

Father’s Day~ A Gift of Relaxation

Elements Massage Scottsdale Promenade

New ties and days out with the family are all still wonderful gifts, and traditions do not need to be changed. If you spend Father’s Day outside playing golf or even just watching the game, then keep the wonderful tradition alive. However, the added element of therapeutic massage can bring health benefits that last for days after the cup has been awarded.

Neck pain from days at work, stress from the daily grind, high blood pressure and other health complications that many father’s experience can be improved through therapeutic massage. Studies from journal like The Clinical Journal of Pain and Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine all report that therapeutic massage can reduce pain, lower blood pressure, and reduce stress. Not bad for a thirty-minute treatment that requires no drugs and no intensive physical exertion.

This Father’s Day, keep your family traditions alive – go for a hike or spend some time at the driving range. But consider a new addition to the typical roster of activities and gifts with a therapeutic massage than can help Dad relax and rejuvenate on his day.

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