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Scottsdale East

Scottsdale Horizon Center

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14700 N Frank Lloyd Wright Blvd
Suite 153
Scottsdale, AZ 85260

Mon - Sun 9am - 9pm
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Rachel (level 3) | Therapist

Massage Modalities I am Experienced in: Firm Tissue 3, Swedish/ Relaxation, Firm Pressure, AromaRitual, CBD Herbal Ritual, Neuromuscular, Lomi Lomi

Why I Became a Massage Therapist: In 2005, I became a massage therapist after I realized what massage therapy can do for others.

Philosophy on Healing: Touch is so important, both physically and mentally.  It can influence healing and it’s very beneficial to the well being of our clients.

Places Lived: Rockhill, SC - Tempe, AZ – Scottsdale, AZ

Interesting Facts About Me: I have a 13yr old daughter, I am the definition of southern hospitality, I believe in the “Golden Rule” and I am secretly a GEEK!

In my other life (before I found massage therapy) I was… working in retail and customer service


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