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Aries, Level 4 | Certified Massage Therapist

Pressure Level: Deep

Favorite Area of Focus: Neck, Rotator Cuff, Hips and Glutes

Aries has been with the Elements team in San Ramon since we first opened our doors in November 2013. Aries cultivated his passion as a massage therapist when he was a student at Carrington College in Pleasant Hill, obtaining his certification in 2012. He also holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Media Arts and Animation from The Art Institute of California, San Diego. Aries was born in the Philippines and came to the United States at the age of 8.  He first realized he had a gift for massage when he was an adolescent and his parents would ask him for massages and offered to pay him! Aries incorporates a combination of modalities depending on the unique needs of his clients, but the core techniques he utilizes are Deep tissue and Trigger Point therapy. He employs trigger point work to rid the body of adhesions (knots) by applying steady, gradual pressure on specific areas of pain until the muscle releases the contraction. Aries’ favorite parts of the body to work on are the neck, rotator cuff and glutes. 

Aries’ philosophy on healing is that he believes positivity, laughter and human interaction play a prominent role and are intimately connected. Outside of Elements, Aries works as a freelance artist and creates amazing sculptures, drawings and paintings. He has traveled to Hawaii, Jamaica, Cayman Islands, Mexico, New York and Florida. When Aries is not busy massaging and making his clients feel at their best, he enjoys hiking, going on walks, gardening, cooking and watching basketball. Go Warriors! 

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