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Kimberly, Level 3 | Certified Massage Therapist

Pressure Level: Medium to Firm

Favorite Area of Focus: Problem Areas (Trigger Points)

Kimberly studied massage therapy at Carrington College in Pleasant Hill, achieved placement on the Honor’s List and President’s List, and graduating with a perfect 4.0 grade-point average.  She was inspired to become a certified massage therapist by her mother.  As a little girl growing up in West Covina, Kimberly used to massage her mother who suffered from bursitis in the shoulder.  Because of her natural talent at such an early age, her therapy was very effective and her mother encouraged Kimberly to pursue the field.  Years later, when in need of a career change, Kimberly went back to school to study massage therapy and finally feels she is now where she belongs.

Kimberly specializes in Trigger Point therapy, working on tight areas within the muscle tissue that cause pain in other parts of the body.  She loves this modality because she finds it to be very effective in obtaining healing results.  Kimberly enjoys continuing her learning in this and other massage therapy techniques to be more effective for her clients.

While she has traveled to Mexico, Kimberly wants to see and experience all that the United States has to offer.  She loves to garden, listen to music and work on her crafts.  Kimberly believes healing comes from the heart, and with good intent and thoughtful will, we have a wonderful result.  “Love is key!”

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