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Janell, Level 3+ | Certified Massage Therapist

Pressure Level: Medium to Firm

Favorite Area of Focus: Upper Back

Janell received her education at the American Institute of Massage Therapy in Walnut Creek and the World School of Massage in San Francisco and also has a background in nutrition. Janell is a Bay Area native and grew up in Pleasant Hill. Prior to becoming a therapist, she worked as a professional cook at a psychiatric hospital. She became interested in the field of massage therapy because she believed that it was a holistic means in facilitating the body’s healing process. Janell’s extensive experience includes a combination of therapeutic techniques such as Deep Tissue, working on pressure points, Reflexology and alleviating joint stiffness through rotation and stretches. She is also certified to perform Prenatal massage.

Janell’s philosophy on healing entails eating a well-balanced diet, maintaining a healthy weight, getting plenty of sleep, being active and staying positive. Some of her favorite pastimes are gardening, dancing, hiking, fishing, bowling, swimming and spending time with her family. She has traveled to Hawaii, Mexico, Tahiti and throughout the U.S. She looks forward to visiting Italy one day.

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