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Chris, Level 4 | Certified Massage Therapist

Pressure Level: Deep

Favorite Area of Focus: Neck or wherever client presents pain or tension

Chris graduated in 2010 from National Holistic Institute in Emeryville, California. He is a Bay Area native and was raised in Pleasanton, CA. Chris left a career as a superintendent for a construction cleaning company before he became a bodyworker. He was unfulfilled at his previous job as he felt that he was not leading a purposeful life. Chris always had an abiding interest in sports and looked into the field of physical therapy/sports medicine since he knew long ago that he always wanted to help people in some capacity. He enrolled in the massage therapy program as a stepping stone to physical therapy. While in school, he realized that massage therapy is exactly what he was meant to do. He went on to take the Advanced Neuromuscular Program at NHI. Chris’ favorite work is pain management and injury rehabilitation employing Trigger Point techniques and Deep Tissue in combination with Swedish massage. Chris’ ongoing study and practice of meditation has significantly changed his approach to bodywork and his overall life. During his sessions with his clients, he uses his intuition to guide him, focuses on breath and lets the client’s body speak to him. He has a great awareness and connects with his client’s energy while also being in tune with how his own energy can affect the client in a positive way.

Chris is committed to the belief that when love, healing intent, and properly focused energy are combined then true healing of the body, mind and soul can transpire. Outside of Elements, Chris enjoys reading, meditating, yoga and sports. His favorite teams are the 49ers, Giants and Warriors. Chris has traveled to Canada, Mexico and various states. He hopes to spend a year or so seeing as much of the world as possible learning different cultures, world views and ways of life.

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