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39 E 4th Ave
San Mateo, CA 94401

Mon - Sat 9am - 9pm
Sun 10am - 8pm
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Kimberly P. | Certified Massage Therapist

"Healing others is connected to healing myself." -Kimberly P.

Kimberly always enjoyed the power of touch to others.  One day her son said, “Why don’t you go to school for massage?”  And so she did…

Kimberly graduated from Bryman College in Hayward, CA, and has over ten years of experience as a massage therapist.  She specializes in a medium firm, flowing Swedish massage. She also specializes in Prenatal, face, and scalp massage.  If you are looking to relax as well as work out the knots and kinks, Kimberly is an excellent match for you.

In addition, Kimberly loves working on the neck area. If you are looking for relief from a headache, Kimberly is your best choice!

“When I touch and heal others, it is also healing to me.”


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