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Nicole | Licensed Massage Therapist

Available Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

Specialties: Fibromyalgia, Reflexology, Prenatal, Sports


"OMG... Nicole was amazing!! Out of all the countless massages I have had in my life, this one was by far the best! Bravo Nicole and Thank You!"

"I had a sports massage. At other establishments, a sport massage doesn't vary too much from a standard massage. Nikki demonstrated knowledge of how muscles are connected and loosened the the areas I was experiencing tightness."

Nicole received her massage therapy education from Therapeutic Body Concepts in 2005. She's lived in Arizona and many places around Texas. Her dream vacation would be to either Belize or Fiji. Nicole's favorite massage modality is deep tissue while focusing on pain relief. Her philosophy on healing: "I believe that true healing must encompass physical, emotional, and spiritual balancing. I believe massage is one that can help all three."

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