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Matooka | Massage Therapist

Available Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday

Education: Dove Star Institute
Specialties: Kriya*, Reiki I, II, III, Deep Tissue, Energy Healing, Myofascial Release, Stretching
Joined Elements Team: October 2016

Philosophy on Healing: We all need touch to thrive through this, I believe that we heal the body, mind, and spirit from a touch starved culture.


Massage Style: Full body massage incorporated with Reiki and Energy Healing Techniques.

* Kriya is an art form integrating universal life affirming flow of energy between practitioner and client with any massage techniques integrated into dance, Kriya Massage is a body work dance with the individual creating her own style with universal forces. The strokes and techniques used in Kriya are a combination of energy work, Swedish, neuromuscular, and Somato-emotional release work done in a connected smooth pattern. The experience of Kriya Massage is one of stepping out of time and space as a means of taking inventory of ones conduction, then allowing the subconscious to shift and adjust programmed responses to life. The healing quality of Kriya massage is accomplished by transforming attitudes. Giving as well as receiving, a Kriya Massage is a regenerating experience.

Kriya- Spontaneous energy movement

Kri- action of the elements

ya- soul




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