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Get the Most Out of Spring

Get the Most Out of Spring

Shannon C.

Spring weather brings a lot of us Minnesotans outside.  We start gardening, running on trails, biking, and playing outdoor sports.  We don't wait long; usually it's the first nice day in March that we go full-speed ahead in our new spring activities.  Doing this, however, can cause pain in the muscles we haven't been using all winter. 

When you run on trails your ankles use more stabilization muscles than they do on treadmills, since treadmills have built-in shock absorption and have much more even surfaces.  Ankles aren't the only areas affected by this:  your knees, lower back, and hips are also affected. 

Gardening uses a lot more muscle than people tend to think!  Pulling weeds, kneeling, and constant leaning over puts a lot of strain on your upper body.  Using these muscles all of a sudden, when you haven't used some of them all winter, can be really stressful on your body.  That, coupled with the weather change, can leave you feeling sore and tired.

When muscles start acting up or joints become sore, it's best to give your body a break.  Stretching before and after physical activity, drinking plenty of water, staying regular with your exercise programs, and receiving regular massage are all pivotal parts of staying and feeling healthy.

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