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Welcoming New Local Artist: RitzCreations

Welcoming New Local Artist: RitzCreations

Introducing Ritika Gandhi, a local artist whose artwork is now on display in our studio. Her work is based on the psycho-physical perception of color. Which she thinks is due to her deep roots in Indian culture. She likes to use colors that stimulate the human retina and evoke an emotional response from the viewer. 

To Ritika, art is an amalgamation of her personal feelings, the subject or colors that inspire her and her materials and techniques.

Serenity and simplicity is what she strives for.


Biography -

Ritika Gandhi grew up in India where she attained her Bachelors in Business, and later followed by Textile Designing. She worked as a designer in a textile manufacturing company. In the early 90's, she moved to New York where she began to work as a freelance textile artist. Her travels took her over the world, from Hong Kong to England. In England, she went back to school and attained Reading College of Art and Design and attained her Diploma in Fine Art. Her fate moved her to the United States in 2003, where she started her teaching career. Ritika has had her art exhibited in the United States as well as abroad.


You can see more of her artwork on her Facebook Page

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