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Before joining Elements, Matt spent a year living at Integral Yoga Institute’s ashram on 13th Street in Manhattan. Already a yoga instructor, Matt had decided he wanted to take a more advanced teacher training, which involved getting more familiar with anatomy and working with the healing arts. One of his teachers was a male massage therapist, and that inspired him to train to be a massage therapist as well.

Matt enjoys working with clients who might require site-specific work due to an injury, and problems stemming from overuse or underuse of their muscles. His experience in Rehabilitation Massage comes from working at Burke Rehabilitation Hospital in White Plains, N.Y., where he treats people who are recovering from surgery or who’ve had a significant injury. From working with this population Matt has learned that massage can bring about positive physical change, as well as help with the anxiety and depression that go hand-in-hand with being injured or unwell.

“People who are in a vulnerable place entrust me to help them. That’s something I take seriously,” Matt says.

Matt is trained in Swedish massage, Trigger Point Therapy, assisted stretching, Shiatsu and cupping.

When he’s not working as a Massage Therapist, Matt teaches yoga part-time, and performs as a kirtan musician throughout the tri-state area. He’s been playing guitar since his early teens and studied music in college. In fact, he says, composing and performing is his favorite form of self-care.

“Music is definitely a healing art,” he says.

Matt’s most prized possession says a lot about who he is. When asked that question, he immediately dug into his jacket pocket and took out his key chain. On the white enamel fob was Integral’s logo—the Yantra of Universality—a 12-petaled lotus with the world’s major religions represented on each petal.

“It’s a reminder of what’s important and where I came from and what kind of ideals to live by,” he says.

Technique and skill level are certainly important, but it’s not the whole picture when it comes to being a great massage therapist. The intangibles are just as important, and Matt has those qualities too.

“I feel like I can put myself in other people’s shoes, I accept people where they’re at, and I’m in touch with my creative side.”

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