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Tracey | LMT 3

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I left feeling very stress free! Tracey is a standout!

Tracey’s path to becoming a Massage Therapist was informed by her own journey of self-healing.

In 2010, she was diagnosed with Lyme Disease and struggled with the debilitating effects of the illness. In seeking to heal herself, she became a Reiki master and learned Polarity Therapy. She also became fascinated to learn more about the underlying causes of disease and imbalance. More importantly, it inspired her desire to help others heal.  

Tracey prefers to look at the body as an energy system rather than a purely mechanical one. Experience has convinced her that disturbed energy will eventually create the structural imbalances people complain about to massage therapists. 

“When people have stuck emotions, they’ll complain of neck and throat issues,” she explains. “That’s often grief and fear, so there’s certain areas of the body you can work that relieve that stuck energy.”

Tracey is trained in a number of modalities (Polarity Therapy, Reiki, Trigger Point Therapy and Myofascial Release), but her superpower is working with Traditional Chinese Medicine’s meridian system. Her specialty is tracing the meridians to help stimulate the flow of blocked energy.

Her ideal client is someone who is open to releasing trauma. She recounts one case where the client was in tears because her neck was hurting so badly, she couldn’t move. Tracey learned that the client’s mother was dying and that the client was her caregiver.

“There was so much grief there,” Tracey recalls. “I asked her if I could do meridian work, and that released some of the stuck energy and then I was able to massage her neck. When she came out of the room it was a massive transformation. Her face was so bright and smiling.”

Tracey is certified in EFT and Life Coaching. Outside of Elements, she runs a support group, teaching people how to heal trauma through accessing their own energy fields through EFT, meditation and meridian tracing.

She’s most grateful for her son, Matthew. “He’s the light of my life and my biggest teacher.”

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