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Sara E. | Biography

Education: Nevada School of Massage Therapy, NSMT Master Body Worker Program

Specialties or Training: Swedish, Deep Tissue massage, Prenatal massage, Structural, Facial massage, Sports, Hot Stone, Integrated Reflexology and Cupping

Favorite Massage Modalities: Deep Tissue massage, Swedish, utilizing serval modalities to customize massage to receive optimal results.

Philosophy on Healing: Where the pain is it isn't. Being able to understand the body and creating a dialogue with the client allows me to find the root cause of the pain and discomfort. the body is completely capable of healing itself if given the opportunity, and I believe Massage is an important part of healing as it aids the body, mind, and soul.

Exceptional Results: I had a client who came in for pain management before shoulder surgery. after working with the client and creating a treatment plan with him visiting once a week and doing "homework" he was able to regain full range of motion in his shoulder joint and no longer had pain all without having the surgery.

WA State License MA 60609139

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