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Brandon - Lead Therapist | Biography

Education: Ancient Art Massage Therapy School- Richland, WA

Specialties or Training: Swedish, Deep Tissue massage, Hawaiian Lomilomi, Integrative Energetics massage, Hot Stones, Integrative Reflexology, Cupping.

Favorite Massage Modalities: Hawaiian Lomilomi & Deep Tissue massage.

Philosophy on Healing: Every aspect of a person’s life affects their health. Massage can improve physical self-awareness, allowing the client to recognize likely causes of symptoms. I believe that all massage needs to be relaxing in order for healing to occur.

Exceptional Results: I have had the privilege of working with a few chronic pain sufferers who, through utilizing massage in their wellness regime, have weaned themselves completely off of prescription pain medications. Also, I can usually get rid of a client’s headache in the first ten minutes of the session.

WA State License MA 60206550

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