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83 Keene Rd
Richland, WA 99352

Mon - Sun 8:30am - 9:30pm
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Gina L. | Biography

Education: Ancient Arts Massage School & Clinic

Specialties or Training: Deep Tissue, Swedish, Muscle Energy Techniques, Thai & Cupping

Favorite Massage Modalities: FAVORITE MASSAGE MODALITIES: Pin & Stretch, Thai, Aromatherapy & Relaxation

Philosophy on Healing: We create an environment for healing when we intentionally establish time to focus on love for self and others, breath work, nutrition, movement, and rest. Massage is my favorite way to remind myself and others to slow down, breathe, release anxiety, and initiate healing. My favorite mantra is, "Inhale healing and love. Exhale tension and hate."

Exceptional Results: I worked with a client who a year after low back surgery was experiencing excruciating sciatic pain daily. After two months of focused pin and stretch, deep tissue, cupping, and table Thai massage, his pain frequency was cut in half and he now has the ability to sleep through the night.

Washington State Massage License: MA 61127571

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