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Cristina | Biography

Education: Victoria’s Academy of Cosmetology & Massage- Kennewick, WA

Specialties or Training: Deep Tissue, Manual Lymph Drainage, Myofascial Release, Prenatal, Reflexology, Sports Massage, Swedish, Trigger Point, Salt Stone, Hydrotherapy, Muscle Release, Cupping.

Favorite Massage Modalities: Trigger Point, Muscle Release, Swedish, & Deep Tissue

Philosophy on Healing: I have a passion for science anatomy, physiology & kinesiology. I strongly believe that if we allow the body to relax by using touch, deep breathing & different massage techniques, we can allow our body to begin a healing process, whether it is trauma from an injury, stress or emotion. I feel like massage promotes self-healing, empowerment and improved health and well-being.

Exceptional Results: I have a client that couldn’t walk for short/long periods of time. While at the grocery store her leg pain was so bad she had to leave the store without any of the groceries. After working on her leg, hip, & lower back muscles she not only was able to walk her dog every night, but also swim in her pool, and use her stationary bike to work out. She hasn’t had pain in her legs since.

Washington State License MA 60354201

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