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About NPS

At Elements Massage, we are driven by satisfying our customers every time!

We look at Guest Satisfaction on a daily basis through a measurement system called NPS – Net Promoter Score.

  • Once a year we invest in a broader study to understand how our guest satisfaction compares to our competitors in the industry.
  • This complete industry data provides us the knowledge to confidently say, “we have the highest customer satisfaction in the industry.”

NPS is a measurement that is built upon:

  • Identifying those customers that you satisfy at the absolute highest level–

people who rate you as a 9 or 10 on a ten point satisfaction scale.  

  • Consumer satisfaction research across all categories shows that these are the people who are likely to actually go out and advocate for you with their family and friends.  They share how great you are.  This group of consumers is called “promoters” – they are Elements evangelists.  We want as many “promoters” as we can create by providing great service and truly delivering on a great massage experience.
  • It is important to recognize that no business satisfies every customer.  So, NPS recognizes this by capturing those people who rate their experience with you as only a 1 through 6 on that same 10 point scale.
  • These are the people who will not be saying great things to their family and friends about their experience with Elements. This group of consumers is called “detractors.”

      So, how do they arrive at your Net Promoter Score?

They measure the people who will be helping you build your business by advocating to friends and family (promoters 9-10’s) and subtract the percentage of people who are (detractors 1-6’s) to arrive at a “net score.”

Fortunately, through everyone’s hard work, discipline of taking great care of our customers, and relentless execution of our service path, AT ELEMENTS, we have several promoters and very few detractors.

  • In fact, we have a 20-30 point lead over our closest competitors in NPS.

This allows us to boldly say with great confidence and conviction…. 

“We offer the BEST MASSAGE in the industry, bar none!”

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