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Meet Our Massage Therapists in Dallas, TX

At Elements Massage Preston Hollow, our highly trained and qualified massage therapists will work with you to meet your individual needs.

Dustin | Senior Licensed Massage Therapist & Lead Therapist

Dustin is a graduate of ATI in Dallas and specializes in deep tissue, deep relaxation and stretching.  He believes that touch is important to relax and revive the body and the mind.  The more people he touches, the more lives he can change.

Brian | Senior Licensed Massage Therapist

Brian is a graduate of Anthem College in Denver, CO.  He specializes in deep tissue, Swedish and cranial sacral.  Dependent upon what is requested and what he finds, he will use a varying blend of all modalities on most sessions.  He believes and has...

Callie | Senior Licensed Massage Therapist

Callie is a graduate of San Antonio Academy of Health Sciences for EMT Training & Texas Center for Massage Therapy.  She specializes in deep tissue, hot towel trigger point and cranial sacral therapy.  Callie believes that as a massage therapist she...

Yolanda | Senior Licensed Massage Therapist

Yolanda is a graduate of Hands on Therapy School of Massage in Dallas.  She specializes in deep tissue, sports (with a specialty in runner's legs), headache relief, trigger point, pre/post operative and prenatal.  Also has experience in hip, knee,...

Linda | Senior Licensed Massage Therapist

Linda is a graduate of New Mexico School of Natural Therapeutics and specializes in therapeutic relaxation and myofascial release for those with fibromyalgia and problems stemming from previous injury or surgery.  Linda also uses muscle massage...

Dee | Licensed Massage Therapist

Dee is a graduate of ATI in Dallas.  She specializes in deep tissue, trigger point, reflexology and Swedish.  Dee believes in helping others manage stress, find balance and inner peace through physical, mental, emotional and spiritual...

Josephine (Joey) | Licensed Massage Therapist

Joey is a graduate of Sterling Health Center and specializes in deep tissue, trigger point, reflexology and Swedish.  She believes healing begins with the power of touch and therapeutic massage is the best conduit for the healing process.  

Mila | Licensed Massage Therapist

Mila is a graduate of Advanced Massage and specializes in deep tissue, Thai massage and Himalayan Salt Stones.  Her philosophy on healing is that it requires balance of exercise, nutrition, positive mind-set and, of course, massage.  

Diana | Licensed Massage Therapist

Diana is a graduate of Dallas Massage Institute and specializes in deep tissue, trigger point, myofascial release and Swedish.  She believes that everyone has the power within themselves to get better.  Body, mind and spirit.