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Why Get a Longer Massage?

Why Get a Longer Massage?

Liz Garrison, LMT

Is an 80 minute massage really more beneficial than a 55 minute massage?  Does an 80 minute massage justify the cost difference? These are questions new members often ask in a massage session.  The answer is definitely yes.

Most massage therapists have difficulty giving an adequate massage in 30 minutes.  That is why when you get a 30 minute massage your therapist will ask you if you want just back neck and shoulders.  In an Elements 30 minute massage with 20 minutes hands-on, that is 15 minutes on the back and 5 minutes on the neck and shoulders.  Good enough to get the job done if you are in a hurry but, not much time to relax and let everything soak in.

In an Elements 55 minute massage, the massage therapist completes the massage in 40 minutes and leaves 10 minutes to go back over the area of your choice.  In my massage room that is 15 minutes on the back and a brush over on the extremities—five minutes on the feet and 10 on the neck and shoulders.  It is a massage.  It is relaxing and beneficial but, if you have real issues, it is not enough to really get into things and finish the massage.  It usually means you will be coming back in the next week for an 80 minute massage to address the issue.

In an 80 minute massage, the therapist has time to explore your back, neck or whatever problem area you have and complete the massage.  The extra 30 minutes allows the needed time to work out an issue.  That doesn’t mean you won’t be back in two weeks later.  It just means that you can have relief that day and not come in the next week to really go over the area with the issue.  Nothing is brushed over and you get time you need to really get a good massage.

I recommend an 80 minute massage to all of my clients.  I allow the time I need to care for my client well and get work done.  At twenty dollars and thirty minutes more, it is a wise investment of money and time for your body and peace of mind.

Why get a 110 minute massage?  Things really get taken care of and nothing is left to the next session.  It is a time investment but, a really good value. If you have the time, try one out and see for yourself.

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