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Monthly Chair Massage: A Workplace Dream

Monthly Chair Massage: A Workplace Dream

Liz Garrison, LMT

Chair massage is a quick and easy way to have a quick, stubborn knot taken out or relax while at the airport or during a long road trip.  Because chair massage is clothed, it can be done almost anywhere, from farmer’s markets to health fairs and even more commonly at work.

Corporate chair massage is the fastest growing segment of the chair massage business.  It is an employee benefit that employees like and helps with morale, as well as, issues such as carpel tunnel and low back pain from sitting too long at a desk.

In an article by Andrea Cespedes on, she references Dr. Tiffany Field at the University of Miami who finds that in just 10 minutes, blood pressure and heart rate decrease from a simple massage.

The massages can be employer or employee paid but, many companies are footing the bill to bring in a therapist or two and offer the sessions as an employee benefit.  With most massage outlets willing to provide the service, a therapist is easy to find, and costs are competitive.

Here are 10 reasons to request chair massage in your office:

1-Relieves tension and stress

2-Helps with a little low back and shoulder pain

3-Can treat carpal tunnel and neck tension

4-Quickly creates a tranquil environment in the workplace

5-Increases employee morale

6-Cost is affordable enough to offer monthly

7-Employees look forward to when the therapists come in

8-Creates another reason for a potential employee to want to join the team

9-Generates increased focus

10-Increases employee productivity


Elements Massage studios offer corporate chair massage.  Learn more at:


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