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Frozen Shoulder: Why Massage Can Work

Frozen Shoulder: Why Massage Can Work

Elements Massage Preston Hollow

Frozen shoulder can describe any restriction in moving the arm away from the body.  But, frozen shoulder is only one of several rotator cuff ailments.  Usually these ailments include symptoms such as, trouble completing simple activities like brushing hair and dressing, dull, aching pain, and trouble sleeping on the affected side.  By describing your specific issue to a health care professional, you can determine if you actually have Adhesive Capsulitis commonly known as Frozen Shoulder.

Once you make that determination, a massage therapist can help you greatly.  By performing soft tissue mobilization and deep friction, the massage therapist can slowly free the shoulder.  This should take several sessions and is basically pain-free.

When booking a massage appointment for your Frozen Shoulder, first make the receptionist aware of your condition and ask for a therapist familiar with it.  At your appointment, repeat the information to your massage therapist and be specific about the movements you cannot do and other limitations and pain that you are experiencing. 

If you are in the Dallas area, your local Elements Massage at Preston Hollow can help.  They offer an introductory massage starting at $49 to get you started and a monthly Wellness Program starting at $59 to keep you going.

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