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Choices: The Elements Service Path

Choices: The Elements Service Path

Liz Garrison, LMT

At Elements, your massage is all about choices.  Instead of having your massage therapist making all the decisions about your massage, we listen to your feedback during the massage to give you a massage you will remember as one of the best you have ever had each and every time.

That is why your Elements massage therapist makes sure you know that your music, table warmth, and lighting is adjustable during your massage.  You don’t have to lay there and wish the lights were not glaring in your eyes.  Just let us know and we will dim the lights for you.  A little cold after we turn you over?  No problem.  The table warmer goes up and down by the degree just for you.

Because five more minutes can feel so good, before we turn you over, we ask you if you would like us to go over any area on that side of the body.  It means a lot to you and takes so little time to give you the best massage yet.

We reserve the last five to ten minutes of each massage at the end to see if you want us to go over anything before we end the session.  You will remember the last part we massage so we want it to feel the best. 

This puts you in the most control possible of your massage experience.  It lets you call the shots and stops you from laying there wishing it could be just a little bit better.  It is called the Elements Service Path.  It gives you the little extra choices to give you the best massage over and over again.

This is the Elements difference.  Call us today and find out for yourself.  214-369-4100.  Elements in Preston Hollow at Royal and Preston in Dallas.

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