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A Better Idea for Your New Year's Resolution

A Better Idea for Your New Year's Resolution

Liz Garrison, LMT

New Year's Resolutions are easy to make.  Just set a good goal.  But, they are hard to keep.  Many Americans give up or forget about their resolution within weeks of the New Year.  They are good goals, many based on health and wellness for the future.  So why to we give up and how can we stop giving up?

Maybe the gym is too crowded with other people with the same New Year's goal?  Maybe we got addicted to all the sugar and fat-laden foods from the holidays and brown rice and brocolli suddenly do not seem so appealing?  Maybe getting the kids to do their homework has become more of a priority.

What about this year?  If you would like a goal that sets aside some time for you without all the work or sacrifice, consider a monthly massage.

According to an article in Prevention magazine all about the best resolutions, a monthly massage may be more than an indulgence.  They say that a study from Emory University found that getting in massage therapy once or twice a week can lower levels of cortisol, a stress hormone.  Massage is also good for the immune system by increasing white blood cells.  It reduces headaches, improves sleep quality, and lessens lower back pain.

This resolution idea does not require spending hours in a crowded gym or changing your diet. It just requires making an appointment and showing up.  You can even schedule appointments in advance.

If you are in the Dallas area, your local Elements Massage at Preston Hollow can help.  They offer an introductory massage starting at $49 to get you started and a monthly Wellness Program starting at $59 to keep you going.

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