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775 Lafayette Rd
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Matt | Licensed Massage Therapist

Available Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

Education: Great Bay Community College
Specialties: Swedish, Trigger Point, Deep Tissue, Active and Passive Soft Tissue Release


"Matt was excellent and I felt so much better after my appointment"

"Elements is very organized and seem to run their business well. Matt was very communicative and informative which made me feel very comfortable"

"Felt incredible"

A good client for me is:

  • Clients with restricted range of motion due to musculature
  • Clients who like deep tissue, sculpting, trigger point work
  • Clients who have knots throughout their shoulder girdle, neck/shoulders, entire back and hips/glutes.
  • Clients who drive a lot / work at a desk
  • Parents :)

What makes my massage unique?  My clients do, of course!!  Each client is a unique individual with differing personalities, careers, hobbies, habits, lifestyles, stressors and stress relievers.  These traits, in addition to what my client communicates to me determines the type of massage I provide. Realizing that all clients expectations for their massage are different and that not all bodies will respond to a technique the same way; my job is to uncover how each client responds best and provide a therapeutic massage to meet their individual needs.

What keeps me passionate about massage therapy? I am fortunate to have a career that is easy to stay passionate about.  Relationship building, problem-solving and helping people are the core of what I do every day.  It is easy to go to work each day when you know you are able to positively affect their quality of life. With each new client I see, and with every new technique, I study I am able to grow as therapist and craft a more effective treatment for my clients.


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