Do You Suffer from Back pain, Headache, Migraines or Arthritis?

Research documents relief using Massage Therapy

Significant research over the past decade has demonstrated quantifiable evidence that Massage Therapy can help relieve many of the following conditions:

Back Pain:

  • Companies like Boeing and Reebok are bringing Massage Therapists into the workplace to help their staff relief back pain.
  • Massage fosters the healing of strained muscles and ligaments


  • Often caused by stress or the effects of eye-strain, Massage is proven to relieve tension related symptoms.
  • Massage also increases the circulation of blood and helps reduce blood pressure


  • Recent studies by the Annals of Behavioral Medicine suggests that Migrain sufferers experience better sleep and less migraines as result of regular massage therapy.
  • Massage brings about a quieting of the central nervous system - known as relaxation response.


  • Research tests have demonstrated that regular massage therapy had improvements in joint pain, stiffness and function
  • Massage therapy is also known to improve circulation by pumping oxygen and nutrients into tissues and vital organs

Increasingly, massage therapy is being found to significantly improve quality of life, not only for these aches and pains, but also for increased immune system function, decreased levels of cortisol (which increase stress levels) and much more.

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