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Phoenix Camelback

On the Southeast Side of Camelback Colonnade, by the Fry's.

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1949 E Camelback Rd
Suite 142
Phoenix, AZ 85016

Mon - Sun 9am - 9pm

Amy | Level 4

Available Tuesday, Saturday, Sunday


Everyone thinks that getting a massage is a luxury. It's not. Your body needs more attention and healing touch than you know. The therapists at this location seem to know this because they do an amazing job. Thank you, Amy, for the massage. You're wonderful.

Amy became a licensed massage therapist right after high school. This has been her first and only profession; she says it’s what she was born to do!

Amy has lived in Tucson, Arizona and Nogales Sonora, Mexico. She has traveled  throughout California to Santa Monica, San Diego, and Los Angeles as well as going to Orlando, Florida. She’s also traveled in Mexico from Sonora to Sinaloa to Chihuahua. Her dream vacation would be to go to Ireland.

Amy’s favorite massage modalities are Trigger Point, Sports Massage, and Prenatal.

Amy’s philosophy on healing is:

“I believe that the body heals through nutrition, circulation, and regeneration of cells. Massage supports all three.”


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