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Jonah | Massage Therapist

Available Friday, Saturday


(Pressure Level 3+)



Massage Modalities: Swedish Relaxation, Deep Tissue, Structured Trigger Point, Reflexology, and Hydrotherapy


What year did you become a Massage Therapist?:  I became a Massage Therapist in 2017. I am very excited and passionate about showing others as well as myself what is possible when we work together in self- improvement. If we give it our best efforts the results will be remarkable every single time


Places you have lived: Arizona and Panama City Florida


Where are you originally from? Chipley, FL


Philosophy on healing: The body is a self healer. Nothing can heal the body better than itself when it is given the best facilitation for the healing. Massage Therapy is excellent at bringing that awareness


Favorite tv or movie character: Heath Ledger’s Joker



Favorite Movie, Color,food and Hobby?: Pulp Fiction, Yellow, Cantaloupe and Deep contemplative thought video games



In my other life (before I found Massage Therapy): I was a sleeper and a dreamer who dreamed of being awake and now I am!


Interesting facts about me?: I am left handed


Name 3 things on your bucket list?: become a multilingual, and be an inspiration and earn a pilot’s license


If you could be a celebrity or character who and why? Bruce Wayne because he is the master of his will and seeks to serve the people to the best of his ability

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