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Michele | Licensed Massage Therapist

Michele is a licensed massage therapist with over 20 years experience of bringing inner peace and harmony to her clients through massage.

She received her education at the Swedish Institute College of Massage and Allied Health Sciences in Manhattan.

Michele is intuitive to the needs of her clients. She specializes in Shiatsu, Swedish massage, medical massage, and relaxation massage. Her knowledge of Yin&Yang has made her in tune to the balance that everyone yearns for inside themselves, therefore assisting her in keeping her clients comfortable and happy throughout each massage.

She believes her massages are a journey, and her objective is to bring each client to a place of trust and confidentiality where they know their needs are her number one priority. Michele's techniques soothe and comfort her clients to aid their bodies in healing. She is a firm believer that when someone relaxes both their mind and spirit everything falls into place.

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