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Stone Ridge Market

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Pure Barre for The Average Woman

Pure Barre for The Average Woman

Jennifer Gillis

 I was recently given the opportunity to try Pure Barre.  For those of you not familiar with Pure Barre , it is a low impact workout which utilizes a ballet bar to perform small isometric moves. Pure Barre is located a few doors down from Elements in the Stone Ridge Market.

I was extremely nervous to try my first class, being that I have no dance back ground and I only work out 2-3 times per week.  I was immediately greeted by a friendly face and felt more than welcomed. As I looked around the studio I noticed there were women of all ages and sizes and felt a little more at ease.

Through my first class, the instructor was very attentive. She would quietly come over and show me the proper technique. I loved the great music and that even though I was challenged by my first class I never felt awkward or that anyone frowned upon me for struggling. Everyone was struggling alongside me and I LOVED the challenge.

Soreness followed every Pure Barre class I took, which to me was a sure sign it was working. The best part of Pure Barre was that every class I took was different and uniquely challenging in its own way. I saw results after taking 5 classes despite the fact that my busy schedule kept me from committing as much I should have to see more results. I feel stronger and more motivated to make more time for myself through my experience at Pure Barre.

I highly recommend this effective work out to any woman looking to make more time for herself. You will without a doubt have a blast while lifting, toning and burning to the beat. I am so excited to my Pure Barre journey and can’t wait for my next class.

For more on Pure Barre visit their website, http://purebarre.com/tx-stoneoak/ or go check them out. They have classes at convenient times,7 days a week! 

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