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Massage will help your Golf Game

Massage will help your Golf Game

Golf Massage Therapy – Using Massage To Improve Your Golf Swing


Golfers are learning they don’t need to be a Tiger Woods to benefit from massage therapy…

Regardless of your age, the mechanics of the golf swing can play havoc with your body. While most golfers complain of lower back pain, almost every major muscle group and joint in the body is put under stress during a normal golf swing. If one area or joint is injured or stressed, it affects your ability to deliver a consistent swing, as the other parts of the body try to compensate to protect the injury.

That’s where massage therapy comes in.  Heavily exercised muscles may  also lose their capacity to relax, causing chronically tight (hypertonic) muscles, and loss of flexibility. Lack of flexibility is often linked to musclesoreness, and predisposes you to injuries, especially pulls and tears. Blood flow through tight muscles is poor (Ischemia), which also causes pain.  It’s important to know that not only can massage help your golf game, it can boost overall health and wellness. Massage is also a great way to lower stress and can even help lower blood pressure.

Golfer’s Stress points

  1. Lower Back
  2. Wrist
  3. Elbow
  4. Shoulder
  5. Knee
  6. Neck
  7. Hips
  8. Ankle
  9. Foot

Common Causes of Injuries in amateur golf

  1. Too much play or
  2. Poor swing mechanics
  3. Hitting the ground
  4. Over swinging
  5. Too little warming up
  6. Twisting during the swing
  7. Grip or swing change
  8. Falling
  9. Bending over the putt
  10. Cart caused injury
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