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Mar 28, 2016 News

Aromatherapy is Here!   Enhance your next massage session with the fragrant benefits of aromatherapy. For just $10, add essential oils to your massage session to heighten your experience. Ask your therapist how different scents can benefit you, then relax, breathe and enjoy.   Choose from our 4 scents below: Blended Scents:   Radiance: Uplifting,...

Feb 3, 2016 News

Do you or someone you know get the wintertime "blues"? Less sunlight in the winter, coupled with more time indoors, can trigger what is known as "Seasonal Affective Disorder" in many people.  SAD can prove to be a serious form of depression and reduce the quality of life for those with the disorder. One of the many therapies that can help...

Jan 12, 2016 News

Make time for you this new year! Receive the multiple benefits of monthly massage! Check out our Wellness Program. You can only take care of others when you take care of yourself!! Stay well thru Massage.

Dec 18, 2015 News

It's the last weekend before Christmas! The time is ticking on finding the perfect gift. We have a gift that gives wellness to the recipient !! Gift cards are available at special rates for members and non-members 2 sessions for $99 for members and 2 for #139 for non-members. Also, our membership program where you can receive monthly massage for $69 for a one hour session...

Dec 13, 2015 News

Aug 8, 2015 News

Mayo Clinic May 11, 2015 News

Feb 28, 2015 News

Receiving regular massage has so many benefits. Stress relief, soothing aching muscles, helping with circulation, lowering blood pressure and much, much, more. Come in and find out for yourself...visit about our studio on our website and click on therapists, we have so many talented therapists who can meet your special needs. We look forward to seeing you! Stay Well!!

Jan 8, 2015 News

Massage is a Stress Buster!

Faith Cornwall Dec 6, 2014 News

  Comfort for All An Introduction to Clothed Massage         Chances are that if you are reading this, you already have some experience with receiving massage. While we most commonly think of massage as involving a massage table with lotions or oils, and draped sheets for privacy, did you know that...

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