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The Historic Hinck Building

The Historic Hinck Building


We may be new, but the building has been around for almost a century! Occupying space in the historic Hinck Building, Elements Therapeutic Massage has joined the Montclair community along the Bloomfield Avenue commercial corridor.

Originally built early in the early 1900s the Hinck building and its distinctive architecture has maintained a unique identity in the community and resides within one of Montclair’s historical districts.

Often identified by its Mission-shaped dormer  - located above the entrance to Anthropologie - the architecture of the building also incorporates red roof tiles, wide overhang eaves, smooth stucco exterior with arched accents suspended above square piers.

Emerging from California, the style gradually traveled eastward across the country under the influence of progressive architects. Although not very popular outside of the southwestern states, scattered examples appeared early 20th century in suburbs throughout the country. This style usually dates from about 1905-1920 although interpretations of the style were still used long after its height of popularity.

Although the building has undergone a few architectural alterations (and more recently, thanks to Grabowsky Development’s significant efforts, restoration), its central location and importance to the business district has remained constant.

We thought the Montclair community would have an interest in seeing the Hinck Building over the decades, culminating in today’s perspective.  At Elements, we admire the building’s historical significance, and have taken great care to design and construct a space that respects that significance while creating a calm and beautiful oasis in bustling downtown for our clients’ enjoyment.  Next time you are in the neighborhood for the great local food, entertainment and shopping, please feel free to stop by and see our studio for yourself.

Photo credit: J. Thornton

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