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The Bar Method is a Fabulous Workout!

The Bar Method is a Fabulous Workout!


One of the great benefits of working at Elements Therapeutic Massage is the opportunity to be involved with other local businesses in the area. Elements offered their employees the chance to enjoy a free class at The Bar Method, and I took advantage of this great opportunity. I signed up for the beginner class offered on Sunday mornings. The climb up the stairs to the studio definitely gets your muscles warmed up, but the sign at the top saying “you made it” brought a smile to my face. Upon entering the studio, I was greeted by several employees. A short tour was given and my first impression of the studio was that it was AMAZING and the staff was incredibly friendly!

We entered the class, got set up and the fun began! I’m not going to share the details of the class…you’ll have to check it out for yourself…but all I can say is that you will feel great after this class. The instructor was fabulous as well. Unlike other classes I’ve taken, she really paid attention to your form and was an active part of the class, making recommendations on how to properly pose so you get the maximum benefit from the class.  I highly recommend checking out the Bar Method in Montclair and a big thank you to the staff for welcoming us to the neighborhood.

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