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Introducing Donna P's Blog

Introducing Donna P's Blog

Donna P

Donna won the drawing for Free Running Shoes from Fleet Feet Sports Montclair and Free Massages from Elements Therapeutic Massage, and will participate in the 31st Annual Montclair Run.

"The Novice Runner"

    I would describe myself as the semi gym-rat, aka the Novice Runner. Ok, I seriously got into running last spring.  I ran a couple of 5Ks and an 8k. Yes, I did complete my 1st Half Marathon which was in Long Branch for Cinco de Mayo and some would say (including me) that I was and am half-crazy for doing it. (Yes - the pun was intended! I was a 2013 Fleet Feet Half Marathon participant.)  I have the muscle aches and blisters to prove it.  That being said, on the night of completing the half marathon, I decided-- why not sign up for the Montclair YMCA 10K?  And no, I am not a glutton for punishment, I find running to be a fun and relaxing form of stress relief. So, to begin this journey, I had to buy a new pair of running shoes. I, of course, went to Fleet Feet. Now, should I have gone right after work while wearing my work clothes and heels? I guess not. But, no worries, everyone at Fleet Feet were there to help.


    At Fleet Feet, they had some socks for me to try on shoes.  I have discovered with running that socks are a big deal to prevent blisters. Believe me, spending around 10 bucks or so for socks may seem expensive but it is so worth the investment. With the warm weather approaching, it is worth getting those Features or Smartwool socks so that I can walk around in my flip flops without worrying about blisters.   Now, back to buying those sneakers, Glenn was very patient with me.  He did F.I.T. approach with me.  What is that?!?  Glenn asked me about my activity level, the previous shoes I have worn (most recently the Asics GT-2000), he measured my feet, and even watched me as I walked.   I would describe myself as somewhat active.  I go to the gym 3 -4 times a week and run outside 2 times a week.   Glenn told me that I have a collapsed right arch and I should use moderate stability shoes.  He also told me that I should try narrow fit shoe which I never considered using before.  He gave me: Asics GT-2000; Brooks; and Asics Kayanos. After running down Midland Avenue with each pair of shoes, (I could only imagine how I looked running with my work clothes on :-) ), I picked the narrow fit of Asics GT-2000 (which by the way is the shoe I used for the half marathon.) Hey, if it is not broken why fix it? Now, with my new shoes and new clothes, (I could not pass up the sale rack at FF), I am off to do my short Thursday run.   

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