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Tara | Lead Massage Therapist

Education: CenterPoint Massage & Shiatsu Therapy School

Modality Specialties: Rehabilitative, Deep Tissue & Swedish, Prenatal

Philosophy on Healing: Appreciate your life, your body and who you are...Find healthy, positive ways to make yourself happy...Surround yourself with people who encourage and support your well-being.

A good client for me is someone who is experiencing: headaches (migraines or chronic tension headaches), neck/upper shoulder pain, stress in general - needing to really unwind and feel centered. 

What makes my massage unique: I am able to tailor each of my sessions to a client's exact needs through active listening. I genuinely understand what each person is requesting of me, and I put 100% positive energy into every one of my sessions.

What keeps me passionate about massage therapy: Seeing my clients relaxed or pain free after the session, making people happy, and the knowledge that I will always be able to develop as a massage therapist through education and client interaction.

Pressure Level: 3 or 4 - Provides a deep massage including trigger point work.

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