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Summer Solsctice Weekend!

Summer Solsctice Weekend!

Summer Solstice Weekend!



Summer Solstice is when Yang energy is at its peak. As summer shifts into fall yang energy will decline.  The abundance of yang energy will translate throughout your body through activities because during this season you are active and growing.

During this summer solstice time, it is very important and integral to your body to remain active. Summer Solstice activities have a special significance in many ancient groups.

 For the Sioux tribe, Native American group, the summer solstice meant celebrating new beginnings through song and dance.

The ancient Vikings of Scandinavia used to celebrate the summer solstice by sitting around the bonfire and talking with friends and family—Ah, Bonfire! the quintessential summer activity.

For the ancient Chinese, the summer solstice was a time to celebrate the earth, as opposed to the winter solstice, which marked a celebration of the heavens. Plant a tree!

For the Romans, who once ruled a massive expanse of land stretching across several continents, the summer solstice was a time to celebrate Hestia, the goddess of domestic life and the hearth. In other words, it was a celebration of the home and family.

For the Greeks, the summer solstice meant a new beginning for your exercise regime, to make your routine more intense, try new activities that will allow you to build your strength and endurance for when the Yang energy declines.

Thousands of years ago, the Druids built Stonehenge, England. Many modern Druids continue to gather at the remarkable landmark to mark the summer solstice. It is a time of travel and remembrance.

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Which activity appeals to you for this Summer Solstice Weekend? Share your stories!

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