Levels 1 – 3+


Thursdays and Saturdays


Trigger Pont therapy, Headache Relief, general Swedish/Relaxation andNeuromuscular Therapy

Most Experience Treating:

Headaches, lower back pain, hip pain, neck and shoulder tension and pain

Massage School: 

Cortiva Institute Brenneke School of Massage, Seattle


I have been a Massage Therapist for 10 years now and I love it.  I first started because I wanted to help others decrease and manage their own pain and aches.

What Makes My Massage Unique:

I like to have a lot of continuous flow in my massages, strokes are long and connected.  I also do use a lot of forearms and elbows (without being pokey) in broad areas like the back, legs and gluts.  I mix treatment with relaxation, focusing on the problem area but still working on everything around the complaint area to help round out and fully relax the body.  I also love to work and finish on the head and face when allowed. 

Success Story:

I have had a client refer to me as her “headache whisperer” because any time she came in with a headache, she always left headache free.  Another client who came in with chronic back pain for years prior to seeing me, but I was able to work on her Iliopsoas (accessed through the stomach) and she finally had no bank pain with regular treatment of her Iliopsoas.