Levels 2 – 4


Saturdays, Sundays and Mondays


Neck and shoulder treatment, Trigger Point, Swedish/Relaxation, Assisted Stretching, TMJ discomfort, Lomi Lomi, Warm Bamboo

Most Experience Treating:

Neck and Shoulders, chronic pain, whiplash and injury treatment, repetitive stress injury and chronic headaches

Massage School:

Ashmead College Graduate


I have always been fascinated with the mind/body connection and wanted to help people heal from traumas both physical and emotional.  I was with a dear friend when she sprained her ankle and I did everything to help her but felt hopeless in the situation without any real foundation to lean on.  It was then that I decided to attend massage school.  It has been over a decade since and I still enjoy helping people through the power of touch grounded with a background in treatment work.

What Makes My Massage Unique:

I prefer to treat the body as a whole, while also providing focused treatment on areas of discomfort.  I tend to use a lot of movement in my massage with flowing Lomi strokes, broad forearm and focused elbows for deeper work.  I love bringing clients also into a good stretch and use a technique called Pin and Stretch to promote results, especially in the extremities.

Success Story:

I had a client who was suffering from upper back pain between the shoulder blades chronically and nothing was helping him previously.  Between my recommendations and starting him on a consistent deep tissue treatment schedule, he not only was able to get past the pain without more medication, but also was able to relieve stress in his daily life afterwards.  Helping people realize that massage can be used as a tool to help our every day, week in and week out, is something I have always strived for and am very proud of.