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Experience the Benefits of Sports Massage

What is Sports Massage? 
Sports massage therapy is tailored for athletes of all kinds, ranging from the light jogger to the world-class athlete. Sport massage can help enhance performance, speedup recovery time and prevent injuries. 

How Can Sports Massage Help?
Sports massage focuses on areas of the body that are overexerted or overused as result of the sport. For example, when you workout, muscle tension builds in the body’s soft tissue, overuse of these muscles then can cause lesions or injuries to the muscle fibers bringing a great deal of pain. Sports massage can help reduce that tension along with many other benefits including; increase range of motion and flexibility, increase tissue permeability, decrease pain, reduce fatigue, and relieve muscle swelling. Another benefit that sports massage provides is the reduction of delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS). A study showed that a sports massage could alleviate 30% of the soreness and reduce muscle swelling. This has a huge impact on athletes and their performance at practice and competitions by allowing them to train and compete with less pain, stiffness and fatigue. 

Owners of Elements Massage in Littleton, Zach and Suzanne Zimmerer both have experienced the wonders of sports massage therapy. Read about their success with sports massage and how it helped their careers as college athletes. http://elementsmassage.com/littleton/blog/how-sports-massage-can-help-any-athletes-our-personal-testimonial

For those that are exercising regularly, a sports massage would be a great addition to your routine every few weeks. Elements Massage has therapist that are specifically trained in sports massage, they will help you and your performance. Call us today to get matched with one of our great massage therapists! 

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