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Are you suffering from back and neck pain? 

Back and Neck pain are some of the most common complaints among Americans. Pain can occur in the cervical (neck), thoracic (upper) and lumbar (lower) spine and can interrupt everyday activities. Below are common back pains, which are you having?
•    Muscle strain; often an acute injury and can happen by simply lifting heavy items or from sudden movements. If the muscles in the back are strained, it can cause inflammation, which leads to pain in the location of the injury. 
•    Pinched nerves can be caused from inflammation around the nerves or herniated disks. When the nerves are compressed, pain can radiate through other parts of the body. For example, when the pain radiates from the back down to the upper leg the most common reason is due to the Sciatic Nerve being compressed. 
•    Discogenic pain is caused from any problems associated with the disks of the spine, including herniated disks, bulging disks, ruptured disks and slipped disks. 


How can massage therapy help?

Massage therapy can lower inflammation and reduce muscle spasm and tension. According to research, massage therapy can help decrease the pain in your back by providing many health benefits including:
•    Increased circulation; this provides the muscles in your back with more nutrients and blood flow
•    Decreases muscle tension; this helps reduce pain caused by muscle tension from the relaxation the massage provides
•    Increased endorphin levels; this particularly helps those suffering from chronic back pain, the endorphins help reduce pain and speed up recovery process 
In the Scientific World Journal in the February 2014 edition, a study stated that massage therapy has a positive effect on patients with chronic back pain; it showed decrease levels of pain and faster recovery. 


What type of massage will help?

Here at Elements Massage we offer premium massages, many of which can help improve your discomfort. 
•    Swedish massage is known for long gliding strokes and kneading motions helping with muscle tension and reducing back spasms
•    Trigger Point Therapy is used to focus more on specific pain points
•    Deep tissue massage is a massage with deeper pressure going into the muscles of the back
With the Element’s Massage Promise, we guarantee that our massage will meet or exceed your expectations and help your back pain. Call and book your back massage today! 


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