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Amanda, LMT | Specializing in Swedish, Prenatal, and Relaxation

Where did you study?  Oregon School of Massage in Portland

When did you graduate?  March 2015

What do you like most about massage? I love that massage allows every person to get exactly what they need. Some have chronic pain and massage can significantly reduce that pain. Some just want to relax and leave their worries behind, massage can do that too and so much more. I love being able to provide a safe space for my clients to just relax and be present in the moment.

What are your favorite modalities / specialties?  I always love learning new modalities, but my favorite are Swedish and relaxation massage. I am also a certified prenatal massage therapist, for which I received 60 extra hours of training. There is just something so special about having "three" people in the room.

Why do you feel those modalities / specialties are effective? I have a huge respect for all massage modalities. However, I feel that Swedish and relaxation massage provide what everyone needs from time to time, stress relief. The way I like to practice massage is to get to know each body and person I work on with a gentle flowing touch allowing the tissues to relax and let me work deeper. I really like to play off of the parasympathetic nervous system, which is what causes you to relax and let go. I believe that the tissues respond better to a deeper touch if the client is able to relax first. I believe that prenatal massage is effective because pregnancy can cause all sorts of new and weird pains. Sometimes all a pregnant woman needs is for someone to figure out where that pain is coming from and having it reduced (believe me  I know!).

Anything special you'd like to share about yourself?  I am a native Oregonian and I love the outdoors. I love hiking, camping and reading. I became a wife in 2016 and a mother in June 2017. I love both roles. I love spending time with my family, which includes our little pitbull Jager.


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