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Heather, LMT | Specializing in MYO (Trigger Point) Therapy and Lymphatic Drainage

Where did you study?  Mesa Institute of Massage Fullerton, CA.

When did you graduate? 2004

What do you like most about massage? In so many sad cases, patients are told by the medical industry that “nothing more can be done” for their pain and discomfort (save for surgery). The sick and injured are sent on their way with little hope for their future or quality of life, somberly exiting a Dr. office; list of prescription drugs in hand and a painfully defeated expression. Massage Therapy is a natural form of healing that can change this scenario dramatically. At its core, massage disregards today’s accepted medical science and offers individuals something more; ancient medicine that invokes the power of deep healing and transforms the stress of living in pain into something light, soothing, and positive. It offers comfort to those in need and possibility to those left with none. In some cultures, this alternative form of medicine is referred to as “Hope.”

What are your favorite modalities / specialties?  MYO (Trigger Point) Therapy and Lymphatic Drainage are by far my favorite modalities. Each existing on opposite sides of the spectrum, MYO is a form of Neuromuscular Therapy and is an aggressive rehabilitative modality while Lymph is an extremely light ethereal experience of detox with feather-like strokes.

Why do you feel those modalities / specialties are effective? As a highly sensitive person with numerous old injuries, even medium pressure can oftentimes be too much for certain areas of my body. But like many long term ailments, these trouble spots still require a somewhat aggressive approach if they are to truly benefit from massage work. MYO allows the therapist to slowly work deep into an isolated point within a grouping of muscles, rather than receiving deep tissue application to the whole body. When a trigger point is released successfully, the entire muscle group releases together. It is a one time deep hit, followed up by medium pressure massage and stretching of muscle fiber. This modality offers deep restorative work to trouble spots or injured areas while resetting muscle memory for permanent restoration. MYO has proven to rehabilitate a number of serious conditions (eliminating the need for surgery) including but not limited to: tendonitis, carpal tunnel, scar tissue, frozen joints, pinched nerves, muscles in Hypertrophic states, Scoliosis, cerebral palsy, and migraines.

Lymphatic Drainage is an extremely ethereal form of treatment which deeply affects the lymphatic, nervous, and digestive systems of the body. It is important to note that this modality combines the use of natural energy work. While many styles of lymphatic drainage exist purely from a detoxification standpoint, this particular treatment utilizes the combined forces of ancient medicine by harnessing magnetic energy fields to assist in chakra realignment. This treatment is exceptionally light, using melodic feather like strokes which often result in clients experiencing a deep trance like sleep while on the table. This intense detoxifier aids in cleansing waste and impurities from the body, both physically and emotionally. It requires a follow up program of high water consumption by the client for no less than five days following treatment, and a client awareness that all five senses (touch, taste, smell, vision, sound) as well as daily routines can be affected due to side effects brought on from increased lymphatic function. Lymphatic Drainage increases the rate of lymphatic flow (Boosting the immune system) exponentially each day, up to ten days following treatment. Benefits include but are not limited to: Healing time for injuries exponentially increased, an enhancement of one’s immune system for fighting disease or infection, the reduction of edema (swelling), an overall increase of energy levels, the overall improvement of memory and mental focus, encouragement of deeper more restful sleep patterns, and a purging of body waste and impurities. A consultation with your therapist is needed before receiving this treatment.

Anything special you'd like to share about yourself?  I’m a Bodybuilder in my free time and have been Boxing since age 17. I believe people carry their true strength in their heart and completely adore animals. My family nicknamed me their “Pessimistic Dreamer” because I am firmly rooted in the hard facts of reality but still extremely passionate that the future is yours to create; with enough work and dedication anything is possible. I’m easily distracted by all things shiny, believe in honesty among all things, and will never turn down an outdoor adventure.

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