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Integrative Reflexology Massage

Elements Massage™ is now offering Integrative Reflexology® at participating studios. This massage modality is designed to be relaxing, therapeutic, can help ease muscular tension and improve circulation.

Integrative Reflexology® is different than traditional reflexology, which is performed by a reflexologist, requires a separate training and discipline than massage therapy. Reflexology is an alternative medicine that involves an intricate and detailed application of pressure points to the feet, hands and ears with specific techniques using the thumb and fingers. Traditional reflexology is applied without lotion or oils. The specific techniques to certain pressure points are believed to effect a specific change to the body.

At Elements Massage™ licensed massage therapists at participating studios have been certified to offer Integrative Reflexology®, which combines aspects of reflexology with massage techniques to blend the experience into one massage modality.

Integrative Reflexology® is a whole hand method designed specifically for massage therapists. Clients who wish to incorporate Integrative Reflexology® into the massage therapy session at Elements can do so within a 60- or 90-minute massage.  To properly perform the techniques of Integrative Reflexology®, the extra time is needed.

Many clients believe that Integrative Reflexology® is much more enjoyable and comfortable than traditional reflexology, partially because this modality is designed to be performed specifically by certified massage therapists.

Therapists who are certified in Integrative Reflexology® understand the foot structure and the importance it plays in the body’s alignment. The certified Integrative Reflexology® massage therapist will properly apply techniques that create energy pathways through the fingers and toes. These energy pathways can help create better circulation.

Because areas of the feet correlate with numerous parts of the body, your massage therapist can start working with your feet to release pain and tension before moving to the troublesome area to apply traditional massage techniques. A certified Integrative Reflexology® massage therapist can properly stimulate the proprioceptors on the bottom of the feet to help increase stimulation of nerve endings, helping to calm the body.

As with all massage sessions at Elements, Integrative Reflexology® sessions are backed by our guarantee, The Elements Promise™. If the massage does not meet or exceed the client’s expectations, the next one is on us. Massages at Elements come with a promise because Elements Massage™ is rated the best massage in the industry*.

If you feel Integrative Reflexology is something you would like to incorporate into a regular health and wellness plan, the Elements Wellness Program™ is the perfect massage therapy membership for you. A flexible monthly membership that provides discounted massage rates, the Elements Wellness Program™ also allows for an Associate Member to make sharing the gift of health as easy as possible.

Find an Elements Massage™ studio near you that offers Integrative Reflexology® and see how this type of massage therapy can be a great avenue to improved wellness.

Elements Massage studios do not offer traditional reflexology.   

*Best and Highest-rated claims based on Net Promoter® scores from 2014 market research.


The Integrative Reflexology trademark and modality are the property of Claire Marie Miller Seminars, Inc.