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What do you think about during a massage?

What do you think about during a massage?

Bill Van Valer

This seems like a question there really is no right answer to, but I certainly don't think it has anything to do with the budget meeting tomorrow, doing the laundry, or the yard work that needs to be done.  The best answer seems to be "now", you should be thinking about "now".  

For a long period in my life my mother would never tell me what was going to happen next because she knew I would worry or think about that so much that I wouldn't enjoy what we were doing right now.  She would tell me to enjoy now because later is going to come whether we worry about it or not, so we might as well be happy with now.  As good as that advice was, she wasn't always the best at living up to it, and I fully understand why now that I am a parent myself.  We all end up spending some time worried about later for others that keeps us from enjoying right now, but there is nothing you can do while you are on the massage table that can change much of anything.  In fact, worrying about other people and their stuff can greatly take away from your session. In turn, lessening the healing effects of your massage and making you less able to help those people when your session is over.

When you are on the table for a massage you need to focus on you by either completely letting everything go or by maintaining focus on your body and what it is telling you.  For this 55 minutes just relax and let yourself go.

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