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Weekend Warriors

Weekend Warriors

Bill Van Valer

One of the biggest reasons that we got involved in the Health and Wellness industry has to do with our past and the healthy lifestyle that we have chosen as a family.  Activity is very important to us, we are golfers, a pilates instructor, triathletes, a hockey player, parents of young children (the most physically and mentally demanding of the whole list) and generally active people.  If we get injured or are too sore, we aren’t able to do the things we love.  Part of that self-care is regular massage, and has been for Megan and me for a long time, and has become more important as we have continued to gain experience in life (that is my polite way of saying we are getting older…) and our commitment to a healthy lifestyle has grown.

While talking about professional cyclists and a healthy lifestyle may seem a bit contradictive right now (Thank you Lance Armstrong and company…), they are incredible athletes and they all have massage therapists that travel with the teams and work on the riders daily during races.  “How do I compare to a world class cyclist?” you may ask, and the answer is that you have to go right back to your life tomorrow, just like they do.  Their life may be riding a bike over a couple mountain passes and your life may be chasing your kids around or mowing the lawn, but no matter what it is you still have to continue doing it.  That is why they have massage at the end of a ride, because they don’t have time to sit around and rest those aching muscles, and neither do you.   While most of us can’t have a personal massage therapist to work on us after each workout, we can add regular massage sessions to our wellness plan to help us get back in the game faster or stay in the game longer.

Taking care of yourself physically doesn’t stop with that run or bike ride.  You have to look at your physical health as a complete package and adding some stretching and massage into your routine will not only make you feel better, but will also help to avoid possible injuries.

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