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I have never had a massage...what should I expect? Part 2 of 3

I have never had a massage...what should I expect? Part 2 of 3

Bill Van Valer

We are going to continue our series on your first massage experience with what to expect during your session.

  • What to wear?  It is totally up to you.  The best answer to this question is "whatever you are comfortable in."  About half of our clients completely disrobe and about half choose to keep their undergarments on.  Either way you go you will undress in the privacy of your massage room and will be securely covered by a blanket and a sheet during your massage session. You will want to remove all of your jewlery.
  • Everything in the therapy room is adjustable-the temperature of the table, the music volume, the lights and the therapist pressure level.  If any of those are not the way you want them, let your therapist know.  A quick note on pressure-It doesn't have to hurt to be effective.  If your therapist is working on a specific trigger point or knot it may hurt, but if it is too much let your therapist know. This is your time and you get to tell us what you want and need.
  • Speaking of telling us what you need...if you have any specific areas you would like your therapist to focus on it is best to discuss that before the session starts, as well as any areas you would like the therapist to avoid. The better you can communicate what you expect from your session, the more beneficial your time will be.
  • Talking? The level of conversation is up to the client.  Feel free to talk as much as you want, especially if you have any questions about the process or feel the need to communicate something to your therapist. It can be very nice to get to know your therapist, however, the more conversation that goes on, the less likely you are to get into a fully relaxed state.  It is our advice at Elements to clear your mind as much as you can, relax and enjoy your time healing your body.

This is by no means an exhaustive list of all the questions you could have about your first massage experience and if you have any others we encourage you to call us(317.222.5641) and ask. We would love to talk with you.

Our next, and last, post in this series will focus on what to expect after your session is complete.

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