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2970 Saint Rose Pkwy
Suite 130
Henderson, NV 89052

Charles V. | Licensed Massage Therapist

Available Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday

Education: Nevada School Of Massage Therapy
Favorite Area Of Focus: I don't really have a favorite area I like to focus on, just depending on what the client needs at the time. But I have been told my neck massages are amazing!
Specialties: Deep tissue, sports massage, stretching, trigger point.
Joined Elements Team: 2018
Favorite Quote: Without knowing your why you cannot act on your intentions.
Favorite Place Visited: New York

Philosophy on Healing: The word healing can be viewed many ways as in spiritual or physical. As for myself, I do not see healing as a form of "curing." Instead I like to help my clients ability to self balance their bodies way of healing and remove any obstacles that may prevent them to self heal. As a massage therapist, I do feel that I am obligated to help my clients body start the healing process in a natural form. May it be with relieving any trigger points, tightness in their muscles, or stress they are holding on to.

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