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More that just a Mere Massage

Oct 1, 2010

So you just had your massage, it felt wonderful you left feeling renewed and refreshed.   Did you know that the benefits are more far reaching than just the massage.  The first thing that I always notice is how much better & deeper I breath.  Massage gives your body a chance to defend, heal and protect itself from a number of diseases and stress related problems.  Massage has been around for several thousand years and is well grounded in human and animal history. It was used by the wives of Xerxes who got daily massage with Olive Oil and myrrh as part of their beauty regime, as stated in the Bible.

Your emotional well being is enhanced as it stimulates the endorphins and serotonin levels in the brain, thus reducing anxiety and depression. The need for touch is as basic as breathing for the human body. I'm sure you remember mother rubbing your scrapes and bruises until you felt better as a small child. And our first reflex when we get hurt is to rub the injury or affected area until the pain lessens.  There is a lot to this rubbing as it increases circulation, healing the affected area, by bringing fresh blood and oxygen to the area with a new supply of red and white blood cells etc. 

Deep relaxation is key for the body and mind to heal itself.  If you notice that for the most part your therapist doesn't talk much during the session, this is why. This 55 or 80 minutes is a chance for you to unwind, letting the mind quite down and distress.  For the fast pace that we live today, driving in traffic, dealing with the workplace, our family that we love and care give so very much, it is one of the few times to just take a moment for yourself, your spirit. Stop with the mind chatter and just breath and be let the therapist just take care of you for that hour.  Life demands a lot of us today, most of us give it all that we can, to benefit our circle where we live, work and play. I know easier said than done, but do try.

The flow of lymph is stimulated which carries our immune cells and transports nutrients around the body, this is a huge benefit that is hardly ever thought about.  Parasympathetic nervous system is also activated, enhancing nerves  to calm and return to normal; this can aids in digestion, breathing  and the blood flow to the muscles, just a few of its benefits .

Mind performance and alertness is also enhanced following massage, as you can think with a clearer mind.  A great time to solve problems, train or take a test is after massage. Maybe it's just the anxiety that is calmed but the results are proven. 

The body is the living active instrument of the soul, taking care of it is the best gift you can give yourself and your longevity. It is recommended to get massage on a regular basis no less than once a month; many of our clients incorporate it as part of their weekly health maintenance.


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